Modelization and spectral characterization of Metamaterials


Hicham Belyamoun


We study several periodic structures, in particular metamaterials to which we apply homogenization techniques. We first present a state of the art of the mixing formulas. We introduce the periodic unfolding method that takes into account bianisotropy, thermal and memory effects. The simulations are achieved in both time and frequency domains. However, this method does not take into account the intrinsic resonances of the inclusions. We implemented another homogenization technique, which is based on the Floquet-Bloch decomposition, and applied it to an array of split-ring based metamaterials. We close the ring and model mathematically its resonant behaviour to reduce the number of mesh elements in the airgap. We finally present the retrieval procedure of the effective parameters from measured S parameters. We characterize the materials in free space, with a focused beam system in the 6-18 GHz frequency range. To avoid the use of an anechoic chamber, we filter the S parameters in the time domain. Several materials are characterized. In particular, we obtained a very good agreement between the experimental and simulated behaviour of the split-ring resonator.

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